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VP 150/170L

Polar Energi VP 150/170L is the market's only combined waterborne heating and domestic hot water system for housing.

The system combines waterborne heating for floor heating, radiators or other waterborne heat sources and domestic hot water. 

There are several factors that make VP150/170L unique:

  • System configuration in combination with Panasonic PACi Elite outdoor unit
  • High savings, reduces costs of 75% = fast investment recovery
  • Functionality and stability = less support needed
  • Proved durability = highly reliable system
  • Combinable with other heating sources
  • Environment-friendly = suits all newest regulations
  • Internet based connection with installer for performance and failure monitoring
  • Heats domestic hot water to 80 degrees without (COP) efficiency decreases
  • 35% higher efficiency (SCOP) than the competitors 
  • Easy to install, ca. 40% lower installation costs than competing products
  • Is developed with a double wall coil for DHW, for security against leakage of refrigerant
  • Energy efficiency class waterborne heating at 55°C A++ 
  • DHW tapping (load) profile XXL A+ 
  • Domestic hot water capacity at 40°C 420 lt
  • System performance certified by IMQ Clima, Italy
  • Patent protected

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