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About us

Polar Energi AS is located north of the Arctic Circle, in Troms county and Ibestad Municipality. Here we have developed a unique and world leading technology to provide exceptional energy-efficient solutions for heating, cooling and extremely hot water for homes and commercial buildings. Our solution is unique, patented and surpasses all other known and available technologies that serve the same purpose.
Our "world" is characterized by the extreme and is part of our planet that is breathtaking visitors speechless in awe. Nothing is mild or gentle here. Snowy Mountains stretching to the sky, plunging into deep crystal blue fjords, and the midnight sun contribute to a short intense summer. Here the northern lights are dancing over the black winter sky and the cold is and becomes a natural part of our lives. For centuries, we learned to live like that, master a brutal climate that often keeps its icy iron grip for months at a time.
For us it has been quite natural and obvious. Who is better equipped to develop innovative, robust and future-oriented solutions for a comfortable indoor climate than us who live here?
Our research and development has the greatest focus on the environment and long-term sustainability. Our ambition is to develop a technology that not only meets the expectations of innovation and energy efficiency for our customers, but also contribute to a better climate for the benefit of all who live on this planet. Together with our customers we want to completely change the traditional methods of indoor heating.
Today Polar Energi AS is more than just a development company. We are currently in full swing with production and sales of our own products here in Norway, while constantly also adding new customers and distributors in many countries worldwide.
In addition to focusing on own manufactured products, we cooperate well with many of the largest and best known providers in heat pump industry. Together we make smart configurations of common products for the benefit of satisfied customers. We also discuss how our technology best can be integrated to improve other products so that it can be utilized in various markets and satisfy different needs to the greatest possible extent.
Our partnership with Panasonic is a good example. Panasonic has a strong focus on renewable energy, is the market leader and deliver modern and innovative solutions in heating and cooling systems. Together we have launched a joint system which delivers the highest and best performance in a single system configuration. In a solution with Panasonic's innovative devices outdoors, and high-efficiency energy systems from Polar Energi indoors, we supply today shared systems that dramatically reduces operating costs while providing market leading energy efficiency.
Finally the most important thing, we have many satisfied customers documenting savings of up to 75% of their previous expenses. It is very important ... not only here in our part of the world.